Thursday, 21 October 2010

This is my splice

In the 1st week of the anatomy i was splice;s with a snail. This is my progress

week 1 i started with a monster then my perception changed
And i wonted a dramatic pose 

The monster


This was the change

This is the 1st one i come up with the spotlight on the top left hand side this to me means pointing

And this one means the monster in the lab

The Elephant Man (1980) Director: "David Lynch"

 This film was so deep in so meny level's. he was a frick a side show clawn you get to see how  "John Merrick John Hurt" 

"John Merrick John Hurt" 

turns in to a man. a man with intelligence.he stares with the ability to talk which his never done before when u see this u start to see the man behind the  disfigurement . you start to see a sensitive side to when he starts to billed a church out of cardboard. you see this to when he starts to talk to the acktris "Mrs Kenda"                    Mrs.Kenda                       
"Mrs. Kendal" From The Elephant Man (1980)
Mrs. Kendal: Why, Mr. Merrick, you're not an elephant man at all.
John Merrick: Oh no?
Mrs. Kendal: Oh no... no... you're a Romeo.

theirs no transformation subconsciously from the monster to a man. this film is sad and happy horrific and brutfail at the same time

Dennis Schwartz Ozus' World Movie Reviews

The Company Of Wolves

"The Company Of Wolves: Dir "Neil Jordan" (1984)

this film was good in the the way of anumatronick's Were the man true frow his skin and the wolf come out this was impressive it had some good anatomy it did look a bit plastic but it was a 1984 film. in today's films ts all C G I i think that when its was made it had a lot of things people dident talk about. sex lust. but it dident show this it was more on the horror in the way of horror its prity good you get a good story about werewolves in a positivist way were u see it as a nice family unit the mum and dad loves there kids . but the tine age girl  has to disability the mum and dad and go in the woods and the the werewolves come out. this is when all the lust and sensual insistent begins the wolf playing all inrsent in the man form. and the little girl fouls fore it this. this is bad u get to see the transformation began form the fairytale to the horror.and  the shock of the flesh Bechtel in the seance of the man turning in to a werewolf
Luke Y. Thompson New Times Jul 25, 2002 pik pik

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

eassy re

Metamorphosis in film's and horror
Metamorphosis appears in film where a hybrid of a person, a monster, a repulsive character is slowly accepted as a human being by the other characters.   In turn the viewer's perception  changes as the film/story progresses and we begin to emphasise with the protagonist too .
The director / story encourages the viewer to look past the mask and  look at the character behind.
I researched  Metamorphosis in film's.  The research was carried out at the University of Creative Art's and by studying the film's which had Metamorphosis in them: "The Fly, Dir. Kurt Neumann, (1958) . The Fly, Dir. David Cronenberg, (1986). Film: La Belle et La Bete, Dir. Jean Cocteau, (1946) Film: Cat People.  Dir. Jacques Tourneur (1942) The Company of Wolves, Dir. Neil Jordan, (1984).The Elephant Man, Dir. David Lynch, (1980). and, Film <Splice Dir, Vincenzo Natali, (2009).

Humanity loves horror films because in a sense it is a road that the audience cannot go down  in real life . Horror films has a realm of shadows, they are both creepy and spooky which the audience loves. In the first great age of  Hollywood horror  in 1925 known as the Silent Era.  For instance,  Lon Chaney from  "the phantom of the opera" (1925), the phantom played by Lon Chaney"  warned the character, Christine, played by Mary Philbin  not to look but she, as well as the audience, has to look as it appears to be in our nature when told not to do some thing, we do the opposite.
Lon Chaney was one of the best makeup artists in the business. the name given to him was "The man with a thousand faces".  He also starred as the "The Hunchback of Notre Dame" "1923" and in London after Midnight. "The Hunchback of Notre Dame" was one of the best "I can still remember today. He played a man that was not only disfigured but also disabled.  A man who wanted to be loved but he knew that it was not possible.  The shock to the audience must of been immense. That freak of nature someone cannot fall in love with,some one that look's like this. is it possible to love some one that isn't family, that looks like a monster?
in films the actor or actress always wins the hearts of the audience because they appear to relate to the monster on a subconscious level .

The Fly - human / monster / human - discuss scenes where transformation is obvious   300 words

Splice - humanhybrid (girl accepted more?) / monster (/ human -  300 words

Elephant Man - monster/freak - he began to show his humanity and people began to accept / love him.  Some remained ignorant.  300 words

PHILL i hope this is wot u are looking for i think i no naw wot u are saying plz let me no if its up to the level that u re looking for..

Saturday, 9 October 2010

Snail Anatomy

A snail's anatomy is different to most animal'.s. One thing that stand's out most is a snail has
no skelatal structure. Some people find them faceinating some don't .If u break down the
parts of the snail's  body  thay have a interesting composition to them
A snails' shell can be different in size and shap depending on the type of snail it is. Some are
round and some are flat most have a spiral design to them. The sheil  serve as protectshion
from the environment and predators  in witch it live's in.
The sheil is made up of calcium carbonate witch is found all over the world  in limerock and
marine animal's.  The snail is a hermaphroditic which mean's it's got both male and female
reproductive organs.They must retain enouth moisture so their bodie's don't dry out  and
they must eat enough food to give them the energy to sleep through the winter.They can
carry up to 50 time's their weight.

Monday, 4 October 2010

La Belle et La Bete

La Belle et La Bete
This film was french english subtitles, i approached this film just by watching it not reading it. This gave me a whole new approach to the film.

The two sisters  Mila Parély and  Nane Germon i could actually sence the evil attitude in them by the way they spoke and presented them selves. I think the director Jean Cocteau does his job very well especially with the special effects. I especially like the use of smoke which made the scenes look mysterious and creepy.

The beast Michel Auclair
 in the film was well played, i got the sence of how he had respect about him also being a beast, i think he merged these two trates very well. The make-up done on the beast was a bit pupitery looking but i guess they didnt have cgi back in them days and the way they used animatronics to make the ears move i think this character was well thought out and executed.
La Belle et La Bete is one of the all-time great movie fantasies, and one of the most gorgeous pictures ever made. It was the first feature film by French director Jean Cocteau, a writer, poet and painter with ties to the surrealists.

The most striking thing about this film is the visual imagery.  The ghostly scenes
James Travers 2000
By Christopher Lloyd » Posted Aug 2, 2010
Let’s start with the amazing make-up for actor Jean Marais to portray the beast, which reportedly took five hours to put on, and another five hours to take off. What’s really amazing about it is that it covers his face without completely disguising his facial features and expressions. His eyes, in particular, are still able to emote beautifully.

My conclusion is if your loking for an old fashioned love story La Belle et La Bete is a film you must see its a classic in its own right. Although the film was made in 1946 i would recommend it for any age. Over all i like this film and people can use it for insperation to make a love story.

La Belle et la Bete
The beast imgrefurlla_belle_et_la_bete

Cat People 1942

The flilm  Cat People gender is. Horror/ Drama/ Mystery.
Horror to me means something along the lines of Nightmare on elm street, The omen, Hell raiser and Hell raiser 2. These films have the gore of the flesh and the suspense that i think horror films need. Cat people had the suspense and mystery in the way of lighting and shadowing also a good sense of mystery especialy the tunnnel scene. The suspence in this scene is still relevent in todays films.

Simone Simon

 the actress in this film was from a european origin, because of this i think she got used.






31 January 2004 | by MovieAddict2010 (UK).
Cat People" is an amazing achievement with a distinct sense of classic horror and a good dose of suspense. If you like horror--or if you don't--this is a must-see film, and it is certainly one of the most memorable cult horror classics of all time.

Roger Ebert Chicago Sun-Times.
Cat People wasn't frightening like a slasher movie, using shocks and gore, but frightening in an eerie, mysterious way that was hard to define; the screen harbored unseen threats.

Michael E. Grost Classic Film and Television
I have never liked Cat People (1942). The film is an attack on people who are "different". The film treats anyone who is different as psychologically disturbed, vicious, and a threat to others. It states that people who are different need psychological treatment by psychiatrists. Only people who are utterly normal or conventional have value, and anything to contribute to society, according to this movie. The film was made in the 1940's, the era in which Freudian psychology reached its peak of prestige in the United Sates, and it expresses the hate mongering of its day against those who are different from others. Watching it is an unpleasant experience.

 My conclusion speaking from my point of view this is a bad horror film, there was not alot of gore. With the story line it could of had it in the way of (NAME)  turning from human to cat. Mystery and suspence which are good trates but not unheard of in films, over all the film Cat people was a good attempt of the story being told
for the time .

Cat Prople poster

Simone Simon



Sunday, 26 September 2010

Maya tutorials by Alan.

This is the dice.s i come up with
Dice wight

Color R/G/B

Red                        Green Flor R/G/B.
Color R/G/B.          R=0
R=255                   G=145
G=0                       B=0

1/10/2010. Maya tutorials by Alan.
I was happy when we got more then one tutorial of off Alan. The fan was made before the tutorial  was put  up so i hope u like it i started of with the pen
The pen was made with being rich in mind

The mag glass

The fan

more to come

Thursday, 23 September 2010

THE FLY 1986


The Fly (1986)
I think that Jeff Goldblum in this picture played the part of the fly very good from the begginging of his transformation to his death. I especially liked the way Jeff Goldblum was fidgeting. This is one of Jeff Goldblum trates and in the Fly it worked well with the character. Geena Davis played especially well against the master Jeff Goldblum, but in my opinion she didnt make the same impression as Jeff Goldblum even when she gave birth to the pupea. The part that stands out to me the most was when Jeff Goldblum ear fell off and he picked it up and put it into a medicine cabinet, and when he opened it up he had other facial parts in the cabinet

Jeff  Goldblum

Geena Davis


from James O'Ehley.Quotes. ''Finally! A horror movie for adults!''.
from Scott Weinberg. Quotes.  ''Heartbreakingly sad. Disturbingly gory. Cronenberg's finest hour''.
 from BBC Almar Haflidason. Quotes.  ''Firmly rooted in the type of film he does best, Cronenberg unleashes a series of nauseating effects as Goldblum transforms into a fly over a period of weeks''


In my eyes this is what i would expect from a si fi film, although a classic from the time of dark horror and black comedy, I think it will stand a test of time as one of the best attempts as a si fi movie. In my opinion the fim has a lot of meaning with its love story, and man playing god and the consequences of what man playing god can do. This film should be an inspiration the every body

2] Jeff Goldblum ounge.moviecodec.com3] Geena Davis

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

this is my life art

i thought i did allright ?.
i think i need to start to look at objects as shapes

This is what i done at home.

Im getting batter


splice a human and a snail
This is my concept skeches                              

This is a few skeches of what i think of what the splice
would look  like.
The head and the body of a man but snail like features.



Snail / Man

some skeches of my hand

                             Plenty more to come

Anatomy of the head

This was made on photoshop. I usd the technique from the technical workshop tutorial that we had on friday.
And this is what i come up with hope u like it 
This is a brack down in pictures of the anatomy
of the head

1 is what started with and the  progression







This is to me my bast work so far               




Tuesday, 21 September 2010

The Fly dir Kurt Neumann 1958

1]                                  The Fly. Director  Kurt Neumann 1958

I was disappointed with this film because of  the actors. The actors looked like thay was over acting like they just come from the theater in some cases ''just like a B move''.David Hedison in my eyes is a good actor like in the journey to the botton of the see.But in this he was like he didnt care to much about it. But maybe its how they acted in them days

Danny Leigh  from  Quote's. ''I think horror films would make great operas''

[David Hedison] [THE FLY 1958] quout's ''HELP ME HELP ME''. To me this is the best bit in the film and the teleportation pod . But what makes a good film is it the actors or the story the C G I or the
one lliners ?. To me i think its all of them. In this film it was only just too things the line ''Help me Help me'' and the teleportation pod only
because of what it can do

Kelly Parks from
Quote."Help me . . . Help me . . . "    The scene is more famous than the movie.

Steve Biodrowski • August 7, 2007  from
Quote. ''Seen today, the 1958 version of THE FLY is a bit of a artifact from an earlier era. It’s a sincere attempt to tell a frightening science-fiction story with tragic consequences, but the scare scenes work most effectively on young children''.

I agree with this totally, although the scare scenes now days children wouldnt think twice of the story and the make-up, although the story is scary in the sence of splicing and mutation and humans playing god.

My conclusion is the film was dull, the acting was too theatrical and over the top facial expressions. Although back in the 1950's it was a break from reality, alot of people could relate to the love they had for one another which was strong to the end. This to me is the bass line for all science fiction movies.


2] David Hedison.

3] David Hedison