Saturday, 9 October 2010

Snail Anatomy

A snail's anatomy is different to most animal'.s. One thing that stand's out most is a snail has
no skelatal structure. Some people find them faceinating some don't .If u break down the
parts of the snail's  body  thay have a interesting composition to them
A snails' shell can be different in size and shap depending on the type of snail it is. Some are
round and some are flat most have a spiral design to them. The sheil  serve as protectshion
from the environment and predators  in witch it live's in.
The sheil is made up of calcium carbonate witch is found all over the world  in limerock and
marine animal's.  The snail is a hermaphroditic which mean's it's got both male and female
reproductive organs.They must retain enouth moisture so their bodie's don't dry out  and
they must eat enough food to give them the energy to sleep through the winter.They can
carry up to 50 time's their weight.

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  1. Hey Roy :-) Great to see this info arrive on your blog; now that you know, for instance, that the snail's stomach is 'at the back', you can start to deform and move your own anatomy around - take some liberties with your body! Well done for getting stuck in - finally - now let this information move your thinking and your hybrid into new and more original directions; for instance; you know that the snail has no bones - so what would happen to your musculature/form etc. if your bones were diminished or disappeared completely? Do some drawings to visualise the consequences!