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The Fly dir Kurt Neumann 1958

1]                                  The Fly. Director  Kurt Neumann 1958

I was disappointed with this film because of  the actors. The actors looked like thay was over acting like they just come from the theater in some cases ''just like a B move''.David Hedison in my eyes is a good actor like in the journey to the botton of the see.But in this he was like he didnt care to much about it. But maybe its how they acted in them days

Danny Leigh  from guardian.co.uk  Quote's. ''I think horror films would make great operas''

[David Hedison] [THE FLY 1958] quout's ''HELP ME HELP ME''. To me this is the best bit in the film and the teleportation pod . But what makes a good film is it the actors or the story the C G I or the
one lliners ?. To me i think its all of them. In this film it was only just too things the line ''Help me Help me'' and the teleportation pod only
because of what it can do

Kelly Parks from www.feoamante.com
Quote."Help me . . . Help me . . . "    The scene is more famous than the movie.

Steve Biodrowski • August 7, 2007  from www.rottentomatoes.com
Quote. ''Seen today, the 1958 version of THE FLY is a bit of a artifact from an earlier era. It’s a sincere attempt to tell a frightening science-fiction story with tragic consequences, but the scare scenes work most effectively on young children''.

I agree with this totally, although the scare scenes now days children wouldnt think twice of the story and the make-up, although the story is scary in the sence of splicing and mutation and humans playing god.

My conclusion is the film was dull, the acting was too theatrical and over the top facial expressions. Although back in the 1950's it was a break from reality, alot of people could relate to the love they had for one another which was strong to the end. This to me is the bass line for all science fiction movies.

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