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Metamorphosis in film's and horror
Metamorphosis appears in film where a hybrid of a person, a monster, a repulsive character is slowly accepted as a human being by the other characters.   In turn the viewer's perception  changes as the film/story progresses and we begin to emphasise with the protagonist too .
The director / story encourages the viewer to look past the mask and  look at the character behind.
I researched  Metamorphosis in film's.  The research was carried out at the University of Creative Art's and by studying the film's which had Metamorphosis in them: "The Fly, Dir. Kurt Neumann, (1958) . The Fly, Dir. David Cronenberg, (1986). Film: La Belle et La Bete, Dir. Jean Cocteau, (1946) Film: Cat People.  Dir. Jacques Tourneur (1942) The Company of Wolves, Dir. Neil Jordan, (1984).The Elephant Man, Dir. David Lynch, (1980). and, Film <Splice Dir, Vincenzo Natali, (2009).

Humanity loves horror films because in a sense it is a road that the audience cannot go down  in real life . Horror films has a realm of shadows, they are both creepy and spooky which the audience loves. In the first great age of  Hollywood horror  in 1925 known as the Silent Era.  For instance,  Lon Chaney from  "the phantom of the opera" (1925), the phantom played by Lon Chaney"  warned the character, Christine, played by Mary Philbin  not to look but she, as well as the audience, has to look as it appears to be in our nature when told not to do some thing, we do the opposite.
Lon Chaney was one of the best makeup artists in the business. the name given to him was "The man with a thousand faces".  He also starred as the "The Hunchback of Notre Dame" "1923" and in London after Midnight. "The Hunchback of Notre Dame" was one of the best "I can still remember today. He played a man that was not only disfigured but also disabled.  A man who wanted to be loved but he knew that it was not possible.  The shock to the audience must of been immense. That freak of nature someone cannot fall in love with,some one that look's like this. is it possible to love some one that isn't family, that looks like a monster?
in films the actor or actress always wins the hearts of the audience because they appear to relate to the monster on a subconscious level .

The Fly - human / monster / human - discuss scenes where transformation is obvious   300 words

Splice - humanhybrid (girl accepted more?) / monster (/ human -  300 words

Elephant Man - monster/freak - he began to show his humanity and people began to accept / love him.  Some remained ignorant.  300 words

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  1. Hey Roy - I suggest you just 'go for it' - I like the fact you've identified how these 'monster films' are, in truth, about what it is to be human; this is good angle; now, remember, you need to PROVE your argument, so you need EVIDENCE. It is one thing for you to think something, it is another to be able to ARGUE it convincingly. You can't do it on your own - you need help. Help = quotations! Now, just get this essay written and get yourself in a good and positive place for Friday. Best of luck.