Thursday, 23 September 2010

THE FLY 1986


The Fly (1986)
I think that Jeff Goldblum in this picture played the part of the fly very good from the begginging of his transformation to his death. I especially liked the way Jeff Goldblum was fidgeting. This is one of Jeff Goldblum trates and in the Fly it worked well with the character. Geena Davis played especially well against the master Jeff Goldblum, but in my opinion she didnt make the same impression as Jeff Goldblum even when she gave birth to the pupea. The part that stands out to me the most was when Jeff Goldblum ear fell off and he picked it up and put it into a medicine cabinet, and when he opened it up he had other facial parts in the cabinet

Jeff  Goldblum

Geena Davis


from James O'Ehley.Quotes. ''Finally! A horror movie for adults!''.
from Scott Weinberg. Quotes.  ''Heartbreakingly sad. Disturbingly gory. Cronenberg's finest hour''.
 from BBC Almar Haflidason. Quotes.  ''Firmly rooted in the type of film he does best, Cronenberg unleashes a series of nauseating effects as Goldblum transforms into a fly over a period of weeks''


In my eyes this is what i would expect from a si fi film, although a classic from the time of dark horror and black comedy, I think it will stand a test of time as one of the best attempts as a si fi movie. In my opinion the fim has a lot of meaning with its love story, and man playing god and the consequences of what man playing god can do. This film should be an inspiration the every body

2] Jeff Goldblum ounge.moviecodec.com3] Geena Davis

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