Thursday, 21 October 2010

The Company Of Wolves

"The Company Of Wolves: Dir "Neil Jordan" (1984)

this film was good in the the way of anumatronick's Were the man true frow his skin and the wolf come out this was impressive it had some good anatomy it did look a bit plastic but it was a 1984 film. in today's films ts all C G I i think that when its was made it had a lot of things people dident talk about. sex lust. but it dident show this it was more on the horror in the way of horror its prity good you get a good story about werewolves in a positivist way were u see it as a nice family unit the mum and dad loves there kids . but the tine age girl  has to disability the mum and dad and go in the woods and the the werewolves come out. this is when all the lust and sensual insistent begins the wolf playing all inrsent in the man form. and the little girl fouls fore it this. this is bad u get to see the transformation began form the fairytale to the horror.and  the shock of the flesh Bechtel in the seance of the man turning in to a werewolf
Luke Y. Thompson New Times Jul 25, 2002 pik pik

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