Thursday, 21 October 2010

The Elephant Man (1980) Director: "David Lynch"

 This film was so deep in so meny level's. he was a frick a side show clawn you get to see how  "John Merrick John Hurt" 

"John Merrick John Hurt" 

turns in to a man. a man with intelligence.he stares with the ability to talk which his never done before when u see this u start to see the man behind the  disfigurement . you start to see a sensitive side to when he starts to billed a church out of cardboard. you see this to when he starts to talk to the acktris "Mrs Kenda"                    Mrs.Kenda                       
"Mrs. Kendal" From The Elephant Man (1980)
Mrs. Kendal: Why, Mr. Merrick, you're not an elephant man at all.
John Merrick: Oh no?
Mrs. Kendal: Oh no... no... you're a Romeo.

theirs no transformation subconsciously from the monster to a man. this film is sad and happy horrific and brutfail at the same time

Dennis Schwartz Ozus' World Movie Reviews

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